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Your best chance

LostFoundLink knows it is impossible to say you will always recover your lost property, simply because it cannot work miracles of course. It does not make any such promises for that reason. However the service is proud to claim it can offer you the next best thing. It has a lost-to-found success rate of 93% plus a member-to-finder contact rate of 99% which is considered better than any other way known. LostFoundLink can therefore guarantee your exclusive Worldwide Membership and unique Personal Property Protection Pack will give you the best possible chance to locate and recover your property and fast, no matter where it is lost or found at home or abroad.




What we do

Our service mission

LostFoundLink set out to develop an affordable and effective system to help its members locate and recover their property in a safe and easy way, regardless of where it is lost or found, around the corner or around the world. By successfully doing so the service has created the vital link that was always missing for connecting the owners of lost property to the finders. Therefore the service purpose is: 1) to supply each member with a set of uniquely numbered labels to apply on their belongings which securely identify the member without disclosing any personal details; 2) to provide all finders of members' lost property - individuals, police and lost & found officers - with a 24/365 free online registry to report to which is both convenient and easy to use; 3) to positively identify the property's unique label number off the service database and so quickly trace the member to whom it belongs, and; 4) to instantly put the member in direct contact with the finder, thereby enabling the member to not only discover the precise location of their lost property and recover it but also in the fastest way known. And so while public records show that most owners are never able to locate and recover their lost property anyway, LostFoundLink is proud to consistently achieve the exact opposite result for its members.


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