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Discover the easiest and safest way to help you guard against losing your belongings all year round. That's everyday and holidays at home and overseas.

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Your LostFoundLink  Membership Pack will give you the best possible chance to locate and recover your lost property from anywhere - around the corner or around the world.

  • Passport & Visas
  • Laptop Computer
  • Keys & Remote
  • Purse
  • Handbag
  • Tablet & Ipad
  • Camera
  • eBook Reader
  • Spectacles
  • Umbrella
  • School Bags & more ...
  • Travel Luggage
  • Mobile & Iphone
  • Credit Cards
  • Wallet
  • Briefcase
  • MP3 & Ipod
  • Back Pack
  • Bicycle
  • Golf Clubs
  • Video Camera
  • Pet Dogs included!

What some of our members say...

  • I joined LostFoundLink mainly for travelling overseas, but of course it will also work for me around home in Ontario. I find it very comforting to know that membership covers me wherever I go.

    Sally J - Canada

  • Just couldn't believe it! I lost my keys in the morning and was able to collect them from the finder in the evening. I was so thankful for LostFoundLink helping me to avoid a lot of inconvenience.

    James A - United Kingdom

  • I lost my credit card while out shopping. Then LostFoundLink advised it had been reported found by a store manager. It saved me all the hassle of cancelling and waiting for a new card to be issued.

    LMB - New Zealand

  • I thought about becoming a member of LostFoundLink several times but never did. It was losing my new briefcase that made me finally decide to join and wish I'd done it a whole lot sooner.

    Jay Peters - USA

  • During the first year of membership I wondered if I'd ever need LostFoundLink. But when I suddenly lost my mobile phone and recovered it the very next day I was really pleased that I'd joined.

    Mrs Mary T - Wales

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