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You may find the answer to your query in our FAQs. Frequently asked questions

Alternatively if you have lost or found some property please read below.

About lost or found property


If you have found some property carrying a LostFoundLink  label we can help you. Please enter the property label number and submit your report to our free finders' registry. Report found property

If the property you found does not have a LostFoundLink  label we can not help you. We suggest you might otherwise lodge it with a lost and found  authority and if not claimed donate it to your preferred charity.


If you have lost some property we understand you might be feeling anxious and worried right now. However please do not contact us about it as there is nothing we can do until the finder reports to our LostFoundLink  registry. But rest assured that once they do we will send you the finder's contact details immediately.


If you are notLostFoundLink  member there is nothing we can do to help you recover your lost property. But why let it happen again? We would be delighted to welcome you as a new member. Find out more

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