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About the global lost and found service 


What is LostFoundLink?

It’s the global lost and found service helping members to guard against losing things. It is the vital link connecting our members to the finders of their lost property.

What is the Worldwide Membership?

It’s the exclusive cover enjoyed by members for protecting their belongings wherever they go. It works everyday and holidays, for business and pleasure, at home and abroad.

What is the Personal Property Protection Pack?

It’s the unique set of 20 hardwearing labels and 4 strong tags that go on members' items. The labels positively identify each member by their own individual number.

What is the Membership/Emergency/Assistance Card?

It’s the essential card for members to carry at all times. It could prove to be invaluable for contact information or identification purposes in the event of an accident or crisis.

What is the Free Membership Draw?

It’s your chance to win 1 year of exclusive Worldwide Membership and a unique Personal Property Protection Pack. You can enter the draw - even if you're already a member.

What is the LostFoundLink Finders' Registry?

It’s the free online registry available 24/365 for all finders - individuals, police and lost & found officers – to conveniently report finding our members' lost property.

What is the main advantage of membership?

It will give you the best possible chance to locate and recover your lost property from anywhere in the world - instead of maybe losing it forever.

Who can sign up for LostFoundLink membership?

Everyone is welcome to become a member, regardless of which country you live in around the world. It’s a global service with no boundaries or restrictions on membership.

What is the main benefit of joining LostFoundLink?

You would only have to recover one lost item per year, like your travel luggage or laptop computer, to make your membership worthwhile.

What are the main attractions of membership?

It’s the affordable and effective way to safeguard your belongings, plus it gives you peace of mind wherever you go – all for less than a cup of tea per week.

How effective is the LostFoundLink service?

It cannot work miracles of course but it does have a lost-to-found success rate of 93% and a member-to-finder contact rate of 99%, which is possibly better than any other way known.

Which of my things would be safeguarded?

The unique labels in your Personal Property Protection Pack should be placed on all the valuable items you carry around which could be easily lost at any time.

How many times would membership help me?

There is no restriction on the extent of assistance for members so you would benefit from unlimited use of the service throughout the year.

Where would the membership cover me?

The service operates globally and will help safeguard your things wherever you go. It works if you are shopping around the corner or travelling around the world.

How would the LostFoundLink Finders' Registry help me?

It will enable you to discover the precise location of your lost property and put you directly in touch with the person who found it - no matter where you both are in the world.

When would I know my lost property has been found?

You will be notified as soon as the finder reports to our free Finders' Registry. In many cases our members hear their property has been found before they even realize it was lost.

How would finders know where to report my lost property?

The unique labels in your Personal Property Protection Pack give clear directions for finders to report your lost property to our free online registry.

Would finders want a reward for helping me?

We have proven that finders generally do not expect a reward and indeed we have never been asked for one. Even so, finders do appreciate members thanking them for their kind assistance.

Why would finders assist me without any incentive?

Experience has shown us that most people are basically honest and simply pleased to help out - plus they feel happy about doing a good turn for a complete stranger.

What if I lose something while away and then return home?

The service will put you in touch with the finder whether it is a local, interstate or overseas situation. It would make no difference where you both live in the world.

How would I get my lost property back from a finder?

You will receive the finder's contact details to make recovery arrangements. For a local situation you could simply collect it from them yourself, or use a courier if it is interstate or overseas.

How does the membership and subscription work?

Your membership is based on your annual subscription fee being paid in advance. It will be automatically deducted via PayPal from your preferred Card account when due.

How would I remember to pay my subscription on time?

Members are urged to keep their Card details updated at all times so your membership should renew automatically each year. We will send you reminder messages before payment is due.

How would LostFoundLink know where to contact me?

Members are urged to keep their Mobile and/or Email details updated at all times so we can quickly get in touch with you. We will send you reminder messages throughout the year.

What would happen if I let my membership expire?

Your labels will automatically stop working and your valuable items will no longer be protected. However you would always be welcome to sign up again and receive another pack.

How can I let others know about LostFoundLink?

We always appreciate referrals to family and friends no matter where they live in the world. You could send them a message through our Tell a friend, as well as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks!

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What some of our members say...

  • I lost my credit card while out shopping. Then LostFoundLink advised it had been reported found by a store manager. It saved me all the hassle of cancelling and waiting for a new card to be issued.

    LMB - New Zealand

  • During the first year of membership I wondered if I'd ever need LostFoundLink. But when I suddenly lost my mobile phone and recovered it the very next day I was really pleased that I'd joined.

    Mrs Mary T - Wales

  • I joined LostFoundLink mainly for travelling overseas, but of course it will also work for me around home in Ontario. I find it very comforting to know that membership covers me wherever I go.

    Sally J - Canada

  • Just couldn't believe it! I lost my keys in the morning and was able to collect them from the finder in the evening. I was so thankful for LostFoundLink helping me to avoid a lot of inconvenience.

    James A - United Kingdom

  • I thought about becoming a member of LostFoundLink several times but never did. It was losing my new briefcase that made me finally decide to join and wish I'd done it a whole lot sooner.

    Jay Peters - USA

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